What is Rolf Structural Integration (Deep Tissue Therapeutic Bodywork)?

Rolf Structural Integration is a systematic method of deep tissue (myofascia/bindweefsel) bodywork developed by Dr. Ida P Rolf (1896-1979) that helps people to free up areas of strain and restriction often experienced as pain, discomfort, stress and tension so that the body can return to its natural alignment to heal itself in gravity.

Why do you need Rolf Structural Integration?

  • Feel more energised and comfortable in your body

A body that is disorganised is often struggling against gravity in order to stay stable and upright.

Symptoms of disorganisation are stress, tension, fatigue, pain and discomfort which are common everyday complaints of many modern day people.

  • Heal long term patterns of restrictions, imbalanced postures and habits.

Some postural patterns are hard to break, especially when we have been used to it for a very long time, for example a certain way of standing, sitting, walking, whether we are aware of it or not. Rolf Structural Integration helps you to regain awareness of areas that "lost consciousness" and improves overall body awareness and movement and develop healthier postural habits.

  • Improve healing and recovery

Blockages in the body consume energy as the body utilises energy to store away emotions and/or trauma for later processing. Rolf Structural Integration helps free up these areas of restrictions. This means energy previously directed to store them away are now available to the body once again for purposes of healing and recovery. 

  • Enjoy lasting freedom, strength, and flow in your body

Experiencing a natural body alignment means enjoying a greater flow of energy, a feeling of joy being in one's body, enjoying greater flexibility in the body and easier movement in the joints and muscles that means more comfort in sitting, standing and walking summed up as better postures. The results of Rolf Structural Integration are powerful to effect lasting change in improving the overall well-being of the client. 

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How does it work?

Techniques of strategically applied pressure and connective tissue manipulation redirects and reorganizes the layers of connective tissue (myofascia) interweavings that run through every muscle, organ and wrappings around bones and joints.


Rolf Structural Integration is usually done in a series of 10-15 sessions, depending on the client's body and goals. It is specifically designed to help clients to transform, heal and realign their bodies from deeply ingrained habitual patterns of strain and imbalance.

Freeing the body from years if not decades of deeply ingrained patterns of strain and imbalance takes time and more than just a session. I encourage clients to try three sessions (a mini-series in itself) to give themselves a chance to feel the results. During and after these sessions, clients usually know in their bodies if Rolf Structural Integration is the right treatment for them. 

The purpose of the series is a systematic approach to work the body from all angles to reset the overall structure and gradually release long term holding/compensation patterns. Parts of the body that have been strained, neglected or disassociated due to pain, stress, trauma, accidents or surgery, to release, awaken and integrate into the client's body awareness for a more balanced structure that moves with greater fluidity, freedom and ease. Areas of stiffness and pain gradually fade away as the body attains better circulation in its joints and find new forms of support in itself.