Rolf Structural Integration (Deep Tissue Therapeutic Bodywork)

First session (for New Clients): Health intake including posture/gait assessment + treatment : €95 per sessie (80 mins)


Followup session (for Returning Clients):

Check-in plus posture/gait assessment €85 per sessie (80 mins)

(payable either by cash at the end of session or bank transfer). The factuur will be emailed and payment to be completed within a week.

Session overview:

At the beginning of the session we make a short assessment of your body posture and movement patterns.

During the actual treatment on the massage table, you will lie relaxed while I apply careful and focused pressure on the areas of the body that need attention.

Eat lightly minimally an hour prior to appointment so you can better relax during the session. For women, wear regular bra and underwear during sessions. For men, no loose boxers please.

Cancellation Policy: To cancel or reschedule, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance. For appointments without 24 hours notice for cancellation, the full payment for the session is payable. However, in this time of Corona virus, no cancellation fees will be charged if you have developed cold symptoms within 24 hours prior to the session.

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Tel: 06 2134 6525 (call or WhatsApp)

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