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I recently had a session with Anna. It was the first time I had ever experienced Rolf Structural Integration techniques and I was excited to see how it felt. Anna was very professional and calm and kind and talked me through each stage of the session, explaining that I had to participate in the work and it was not a passive activity. I felt an energy come around me as Anna did her work with me and I wasn't expecting to feel that. There was a release of pain and an opening through my rib cage of the heart chakra.
Afterwards I felt more open, more strong and centred. It seemed to realign my physical body and in doing so, it helped heal some part of the inner self too.
Thank you Anna.

Amanda S.

My wife signed me up for 10 sessions with Anna in Singapore. I did not know anything about Rolf SI and had no idea what to expect. After the 10 sessions were completed, I signed up for another 10. I had amazing results from the Rolf SI sessions with Anna. A good example is that one of my ankles had been swollen for about 8 years, as the result of a botched foot operation. After the first 3 sessions with Anna, the swelling was gone and has never returned. Anna is a very gifted Rolf SI therapist. If we were not on different continents now, I would sign up with her for periodic tune up sessions, and I highly recommend her Rolf SI services to others.

B. Ellison

Reflexology Therapy

Ik ben bij Anna geweest om te ontdekken wat Rolf Structural Integration is. Na een goed intakegesprek waarin ik heb aangegeven wat mijn pijnpunten zijn, is de behandeling begonnen. Anne heeft mijn houding bekeken en de stand van mijn benen en knieën. Anne legt goed uit wat ze doet en vooral ook waarom. Ik voelde een verlichting tussen mijn schouders na de tijd. Ook mijn mannier van staan was verbeterd. stond ik voor de behandeling nog teveel op mijn hielen, na de behandeling stond ik meer gebalanceerd op mijn voeten. Een hele aparte gewaarwording. Anna, ik kom zeker terug voor vervolgbehandelingen.

Willem B.